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Top ten Best Overwatch Skins of 2017

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Graffiti – Tracer

Seeing as how she’s Overwatch’s poster child, it’s a lttle bit disappointing that Tracer doesn’t have an impressive group of skins amongst people. Usually her skins range in quality from okay to okay. but nothing appears to do her fun-loving personality any real justice. Fortunately, things changed when her Graffiti skin was introduced began offering rebates the Overwatch Anniversary event.

This skin reimagines Tracer as a graffiti artist and replaces her pulse pistols back with her new “tracemakers,” which are among the best options that come with your entire skin. Her new spray paint-fueled pistols simply look amazing and fully trust her gas mask and oversized hoodie to make your whole graffiti artist theme together. Tracer always deserved an epidermis that looked urban and hip, so it’s time she finally have it.

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