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GTA Online Goes into the trip Spirit With Festive Surprise Update

While lots of people spend their Decembers counting down the days until Christmas, GTA V players are actually busy counting off the times through to the Festive Surprise update finally came around again. When you have logged into GTA Online at all today, the important Christmas tree with your apartment or perhaps the massive Christmas tree in the center of Los Santos may have already tipped you off that the Festive Surprise update is actually live. The update is bringing all of the usual holiday fun to Los Santos like snow falling through the sprawling map in random intervals, excersize equipment in various areas, new holiday-themed clothing and vehicles, and, obviously, the option to work with snowballs for a weapon. When you discover it the snow falling in Los Santos, be ready for some intense snowball fight action. At this point, it is possible to scoop up snow and hurl snowballs at other players – because hurting people that have snowballs can be true concise explaination special occasions.

Keep as the primary goal that Rockstar also becomes their unique version of Santa around this time. Logging into GTA Online over the Festive Surprise update gives you various daily gifts. If past Festive Surprise updates are any suggestion of what you may expect, prepare yourself to view free ammo, themed t-shirts, and other bonuses to savor since you wreak havoc across Los Santos for any holidays.

All of your temporary holiday themed content will be accompanied by a few more permanent updates likewise. The Sentinel Classic was included in last week’s Doomsday Heist update and it\’s available today to buy. The latest adversary mode called Occupy is additionally live now in the game. This mode might be played by around 16 different players spread across six different maps.

More details about the update’s content shall be released later within the day and we’ll you\’ll want to update you as Rockstar unveils much more about everything expect during Festive Surprise 2017.

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