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Ubisoft Is Tackling an Annoying Exploit in Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege players are plagued by a precise exploit that’s been especially frustrating to address. It’s been transpiring for the past couple of weeks, however to this point Ubisoft hasn’t resolved the issue. It’s about among the operators, Jager, who are able to be exploited.

Using Jager means you find a will protect you can deploy at will. It won’t protect his body system not surprisingly, nevertheless, you have a tremendous amount of protection when making use of it. In the event you have a special order of events, you can glitch the shield out so you can don it top of Jager’s weapon. He gets ultra protection which enable it to shoot with the shield, but he’s resistant to enemy fire.

It’s been happening for weeks, and finally Ubisoft is working away at a fix that PC players might find deployed in the following while. Console players won’t find the patch until the next scheduled update, but it’s useful to see PC players are obtaining the fix immediately to stop this annoying cheatfest. The so-called “Jager exploit” is about to find the kibosh use it, and players can’t wait to check out it ended.


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