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Amazon Reveals an April Release Date for the Mercy Nendoroid Figure

Originally announced last July of in 2009, the latest Overwatch hero for their own Nendoroid figure is the one and only the angelic healer, Mercy. Those longing for this cute, chibi type of the hero won’t ought to wait for a longer time as Amazon have listed the figure by using a release date of April 25, 2018.

The figure comes complete with two interchangeable faceplates: one that shows the happy, friendlier side of Mercy having a smiling face, and another tougher looking, combat-focused expression where she grits her teeth, ready for battle. The figure features adjustable wings, helping you to change her pose between a more action oriented one as well more. She also has the translucent areas of her wings, that can be removed in case you so wish. You can even customize her staff, allowing you to pose her by using a closed or open tip. Adding the included effect parts on the end of her staff lets you make it seem like jane is healing other Overwatch Nendoroid figures (when you have them, that is certainly).

You can preorder the Mercy (classic skin version) Nendoroid figure from Amazon for $56.99.


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