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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Early Player Shows New Features

Apparently, someone been able to snag a first copy of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition and showcased some of the game\’s new content.

As shown within a video by reddit user junkington, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition allows users to display the frame advantage establishing Training Mode. For everyone unaware, frame advantage shows analysis in the time to recover between two players right after a blocked attack, which is extremely helpful for testing block-strings to find out which attacks may be punished. Junkington also latched onto Reddit to reveal a number of latest features, together with a battle replay and rematch option during VS mode.

Based around the Reddit discussion, junkington secured a different physical copy in the game with no special artwork of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, but the disc already came preloaded with Arcade Edition\’s content. Presumably, abstaining from logging on and downloading your initial patch will permit some players who secure a brand new copy to experience the unreleased build in advance of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition\’s Jan. 16, 2017 release date. This edition contains every one of the first 2 seasons of characters and includes a slew of more features, including new V-Triggers.

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