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Star Wars: Battlefront II Sold Terribly in the First Week

EA’s Alien: Battlefront II was the fundamental cause one of gaming’s biggest controversies in 2017. Though now sales numbers are beginning ahead in for the video game thanks to VGChartz illustrate how poorly the video game sold resulting from the backlash.

According into the sales figures, Alien: Battlefront II sold roughly around accurately everytime 1,326, 906 units at its first week in retail. The introduction to the time obtain it doing its best for the Playstation 4 approximately two-thirds within the sales coming from there at?869,493 units. The Xbox One sort of the experience sold about 438,708 units in comparison, with Windows PC? selling around 18,705 units.

Bear planned these numbers do not take digital sales into account, but even giving the game generous estimates with that front its sales are significantly below what 2015’s Star Wars: Battlefront did within the opening week. To use first week Battlefront sold as many as?3,675,687 units. Electrical systems, Battlefront II has already established a nearly two-thirds dropoff.

This is probably a direct result of to the incredible fan backlash the sport received to its loot boxes and pay-to-win mechanics. Further sales figures have yet to surface for any title, but it surely appears the game sold far less than was intended.


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