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New Overwatch PTR Patch Nerfs Mercy Once more

It\’s tweaking time again on the Overwatch PTR servers, and both Mercy and Junkrat have gotten some slight changes. Principal Designer Geoff Goodman latched onto a certified forums to clarify these tests, with Junkrat\’s Concussion Mine now dealing less problems for \”targets farther off the explosion\’s center.\” It sometimes might create him a great deal less powerful, he is still equipped with admission to his two mines.

Overwatch hero Mercy, however, continues to getting nerfed as Valkryie has received a whole slew of tweaks. To begin with, the capacity only lasts 15 seconds as opposed to original 20. Moreover, activating very easy grant yet another Resurrect charge, and the 1.75-second cast time will still apply a lot more Valkyrie. Final results boost she also receives for Guardian Angel during her ultimate is decreased by 50 %.

The Support hero may be quite the widely accepted pick since her initial rework a year ago, but it seems Blizzard still is searching for the perfect way to balance her. In spite of this, these changes are in the Overwatch PTR and be more responsive to change without notice.


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