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Cities: Skylines Soars Past Five Million Sold Mark

On the cusp of its third birthday, developer Colossal Order — in conjunction with Paradox Interactive — have today confirmed that since its original release on March 10 in 2015, Cities: Skylines has recently purchased in an excessive amount of 5 million copies on PC alone. The overall game was later ported to Xbox One & PS4 in April and August of a year ago respectively, however no sales figures from either console have been revealed. It’s taken roughly two years for your game to transfer past its previous milestone of 2 million who\’s managed the government financial aid 2016 selling one more three million without sales support of consoles.

With sim-management games excess popular after many years within the dominant PC platform, it’s no great surprise that Cities: Skylines quickly was a fan favorite — aided perhaps with the catastrophic discharge of EA/Maxis’ SimCity in March 2013 — yet proved itself, more to the point, to wield each performance along with the prepared to the reality that it currently holds a 91% approval rating on Steam, using a volume of add-on’s and expansions released thereafter.

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