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Vayne Solidor is Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s First DLC Character

Square Enix today revealed the 1st of six DLC fighters arriving at Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

Back in January, Square Enix gave players a little tease with the items to expect from Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s DLC offerings. There would be considered a total of six characters added. Five would be brand new to your franchise, and something has to be returning character. Five can be on the newer 1 / 2 of Final Fantasy games, simply one could hail on the older half. Well, 3-4 months after launch we finally know who that first DLC character is going to be.

Vayne Carudas Solidor from Final Fantasy XII would be the first DLC fighter to participate in the battle. Vayne will be the main antagonist of Final Fantasy XII and replaces Gabranth for the reason that villain representative from that game. In combat, Vayne mostly banks on his fists, but isn’t afraid to mix using some magic. Summonable swords help start being active . more weight to his attacks. His EX Skill, Writ of Conquest, provides his invest buffs and turns him into a monstrous form of his human self.

Vayne Solidor hits Dissidia Final Fantasy NT on April 26 for $5.99 being a standalone purchase, or during their $29.99 Season Pass.

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