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Zodiac Interactive Announces Cyberpunk Adventure Tales of your Neon Sea

After successfully bringing the underrated platformer Candleman to a wider audience in 2010 with Candleman: The total Journey, Beijing-based publishers Zodiac Interactive are actually set to create their next big move, having announced their latest game, Tales on the Neon Sea. Developed by Palm Pioneer, the game is actually a stylish, pixelated cyberpunk adventure game, because if you considered that The very last Night had a monopoly with that specific genre this holiday season, think one more time.

Of course, we have a major in between both the games in in this particular Tales within the Neon Sea is usually a more conventional point-and-click adventure game with puzzle-solving elements, while still maintaining huge concentrate on the narrative. Over and above which will a late 2018 release window, though, precisely the action are sparse presently. Carry out have plethora of screenshots which you can take a look at below, though, revealing the game’s colorful setting, detailed artwork, and masked protagonist, which will hopefully tide you until additional information also come in afterwards.

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