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Warner Bros Detail Westworld Game, Announce Pre-Registration

If there’s one HBO series airing in 2010 that’s good for a relevant video game adaption, it’s Real-time with Bill Maher. But when there’s two HBO series airing in 2010 fit for said treatment, the second thing is Westworld, a Tv program by using a plot that ultimately depends upon as a live action game. Several months back, Warner Bros. Interactive announced that they are implementing a Westworld game and then they may have detailed it.

Produced by WB Games S . f . together with Kilterfilms and designed by Behaviour Interactive, Westworld will see players assume the part associated with a newly-hired Delos Trainee that has been granted accessibility Delos Park Training Simulation (DPTS). When using the simulation, players will need over elements of Westworld park operations including manufacturing and looking after A.I. hosts and pleasing guests.

\”This game is usually an an opportunity to give mobile gamers a whole new and exciting approach to communicate with the engrossing themes and enigmatic narrative explored by the Westworld series,” said Jonathan Knight, V . p ., Studio Head at WB Games Frisco.?\”We can\’t wait around for fans to obtain their on the job the video game to produce their own individual way to orchestrate and explore the perfect park experience.\”

Going to be out for iOS and Android devices in April, most of the studios involved are in work closely with Westworld’s producers and writers to make certain accuracy and augment the history within the series.

Players enthusiastic about purchasing a head-start managing the park can pre-register here to take delivery of incentives at launch. Finally, WB has released a teaser trailer and screenshots, that can be seen below:

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