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John Cena May Star within a Live-Action Duke Nukem Movie

Wrestling star John Cena is reportedly in predicts star in a movie depending on online game character Duke Nukem. In accordance with?THR, the film currently won\’t have a director or screenwriter attached, and definitely will be offered by Paramount Pictures, and manufactured by Michael Bay’s company Platinum Dunes.

Duke Nukem is among the most staples of action games inside 1990s, with Duke Nukem 3D especially hailed for a revolutionary first-person shooter at it is a pointer. Armed with several different weapons brilliant machismo, the type of Duke Nukem is an embodiment of movie action hero stereotypes from your 1980s and 1990s.

Wrestler and Hollywood actor John Cena may possibly the exact same star power and prolific career as fellow WWE veteran Dwayne Johnson, but Cena certainly looks the part. Filmgoers will watch him in a action blockbuster during the upcoming Transformers spin-off emphasizing Bumblebee. And in some cases the smoothness Duke Nukem have a film appearance, building a cameo inside virtual reality an entire world of Ready Player One.

Still, it remains seen the way any screenwriter will be able to translate an extensive meat-headed protagonist who constantly spouts out goofy one-liners for the big screen. But we’re sure there continues to be a large group out there for the prospect of watching John Cena skyrocket some alien bastards.


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