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Ubisoft Is Focusing on an online Assistant Named SAM

Ubisoft’s latest project isn’t an activity, but a “virtual assistant” that’s engineered that will help “enhance” your gaming experience. Its name is SAM, but it wishes to be your friend.

SAM is definitely the newest item the Ubisoft Club, all of which will use subscribers’ friends lists, game libraries, profile info, plus much more that will help offer information and various “tips” customized to every single player’s needs. If you’ve ever interacted using a chatbot on Facebook or something like that, then SAM’s functionality will seem pretty familiar.

\”By chatting through voice or text input, players can ask Sam anything about Ubisoft games and services through SAM\’s chatbot Q&A feature,” Ubisoft says.

It’s interesting that Ubisoft has chosen to search down this path, but it really will certainly make for many useful inclusions in players’ everyday interactions. You\’ll find it uses Google Cloud’s Dialogflow Enterprise Edition, which lets Sam’s dev team use data to quickly interpret and respond to questions.

If you’re interested in trying SAM out now, it’s in open beta, and Ubisoft Club users in Canada can give it a try with the mobile app. It’s only all set in English, eventhough it need to be spreading from edinburgh soon. By trying it all out, contact us if you agree!


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