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Owlboy for Nintendo Switch Has Finally Gotten a Release Date

The Nintendo Switch version for Owlboy has finally gotten a release date. The developers accepted Twitter to announce that the game might be launching over the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch this Feb. 13. Keep in mind how the console version are only available as the digital download on launch, nevertheless they will likely be releasing a physical edition between the future.

Are you ready? Owlboy's console release is proper nearby and we can't wait! February 13th! #NintendoSwitch #PS4 #XboxOne

— D-Pad Studio (@DPadStudio) January 22, 2018

Owlboy is actually a 2D platform-adventure game that follows the story plot of the owl-human hybrid named Otus, who sparks for a journey to conserve his race as they have been attacked by pirates. The leading character can fly around the field and acquire various items to throw at enemies. Similarly, he\’ll meet other companions that have their own unique weapon and skills, creating a fascinating gameplay experience.

Those that play Owlboy can now obtain a copy on my pc. For additional information on the upcoming physical console release date, be sure to follow Twinfinite.


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