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Top 25 Best Steam Games of December, According to Reading user reviews

Shadowhand is usually a strategic solitaire-style turn-based Steam card game located in Eighteenth century England. Its RPG mechanics allows players to select how it is they fight in battle.

A nearby black hole is threatening to kick lazy ship engineer Odysseus Kosmos brilliant service robot Barton Quest in such a comedy adventure Steam game, appropriately named Odysseus Kosmos and his Robot Quest.

Inspired by classics like Super Monkey Ball and Marble Madness while incorporating components of Mario Kart and Sonic Polyball seeks to redefine what physics-based platforming Steam games might be.

Empires with the Undergrowth is really an ant colony management game. Despite how weird that premise can be, there is players an intricate methods for learning the reasoning ants do when they were young to day lives.

This one’s to deal with. Built to be lighthearted in tone, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator succeeds in allowing players to design their very own pizzas all while reaching for the brand new high score.

This list was certain to get really strange eventually. Epic Snails balances its cute albeit completely ridiculous narrative allowing players the opportunity witness all-out snail tank warfare commence starting from an online backyard.

Getting Regarding this will be the style of punishing climbing game you slowly love. After some practice you most likely are able to get for a few stuff, but you’ll more than likely feel too abused along the way. Come on, man that inside the best way, needless to say.

Swipe right or left and reign justice recorded on different royal matters in Reigns: Her Majesty, an activity created with RPG mechanics, resource management, and politics on your mind.

Opus Magnum is usually an intricate open-world puzzle game which allows players to design potions, poisons, and a lot more alongside powerful machines, along with a transmutation engine.





Shadowhand can be a strategic solitaire-style turn-based card game headquartered in 1700s England. Its RPG mechanics allows players to decide on how it is they will fight in battle.

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